Decorating With Lights

If you want to quickly change the ambiance or feel of a room, it’s said that you can paint it. But, you can actually change it even faster by changing up the lighting. All you’ll need are small string lights, perhaps Christmas style, or wholesale fairy lights, and you´re ready to go!

Small string lights can be considered playful or romantic.

If you are decorating a little girl’s room, for example, consider either white or multi colored fairly lights. It just depends on the colors used in the room. Drape them around the ceiling, or around window frames. Not only will it be adorable, it will work as a night light. Fairly lights tend to disseminate the light more, and Christmas lights will shine more brightly.

When decorating an adult’s bedroom, or even a teen’s room, you can use string lights to write words on the wall – like names, ‘’dream’’, ‘’hope’’, etc. Whatever will inspire! You can use small command hooks screwed into the wall to hold the lights into place. Or, you can let lights hang behind the bed, acting as a sort of header.

Some people even incorporate them into tule or transparent materials and hang them as curtains or bed curtains.

For weddings, or even more a fancy living room, you can string lights loosely from one side of the ceiling to the other, doing several layers to cover the entire ceiling. You could also consider letting strings hang like icicles over windows. They could be different lengths, or the same, just depending on the desired effect.

In dining rooms, you can string fairly lights over the tables to create night illumination, but also a very romantic setting. White lights are probably the most appropriate for this type of decoration.

Another cute idea for any room is to string them onto tree branches and set them up around a couch or bed.